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Been There, Done That

When you start a new business, all you want to do is focus on your idea, explore your market and find out more about your customers. But running a business is more complicated than that. This is why Kext exists. We are passionate about new ideas and helping ventures handle the things they’re no good at. Be it web design, finance, IT or content creation, our team has a wide range of skills and experiences. Let us support you as you develop your business from ideation to market-readiness.

The Partner You Need

Often, early stage businesses and start-ups lack the knowhow to do it all. We understand that you’re focused on growing your idea into a profitable business. And we also understand a thing or two about what it takes to bring new products and digital services to market. Think of us as a partner who is willing to help out wherever you need us. The Kext team will seamlessly complement your organisation, which frees up your time so that you can focus on what you’re good at. It’s our job to make sure that you have all the digital solutions and services you need to run a smooth and successful operation.

Our Services

The Team

Marc Degen

Marc is a serial entrepreneur and a digital visionaire. His broad technological know-how has led him to found several successful tech companies. He is responsible for our clients and our business development.

Artur Fijałkowski

Artur is leading our team in Poland and has broad experience in delivering state of art IT solutions in customer-oriented environments.

Juleidi Huber

Juleidi is our graphic designer and allrounder. She joined Kext after recently completing her apprenticeship and supports the team wherever she can.

Tobias Peltenburg Brechneff

Tobias has vast experience as a CFO, COO and Board Member in different ventures - both on the start-up side and from the corporate world. He is our General Manager.

Sylwester Szmid

Sylwester is a full-stack developer with focus on UX/UI. He is a problem-solver, creativity enthusiast and boasts a high rate of ideas per minute. He is based in Katowice, Poland.

Tomasz Szymanek

Tomek is a full-stack developer with very warm feelings towards proper testing. He is always eager to learn new things, meet new people and discuss new ideas. He works from Katowice, Poland.

Simon Tuck

Simon leads different digitalization projects. He has a vast experience in live and online marketing, and his technical background makes him the perfect translator between our customers and our developers.

Sophie Weirather

Sophie, our allrounder, is equipped with a diverse skillset ranging from accounting, brand management to business development. She recently founded her own business and gained entrepreneurial experience.

Justyna Zielinska

Justyna joined our team as junior frontend developer. She is based in Katowice and as a junior developer strives to constantly improve her skills.

Do You Want To Join Our Team?

Kext is always looking for customer-driven and agile team members! Currently we have no vacancies, but feel free to send us your CV

Did You Know...

... what Kext stands for? 

Kext is the short form of Kernel Extension. "The kernel is a computer program at the core of a computer's operating system with complete control over everything in the system." (Source: Wikipedia)

In short: you focus on the Kernel and we are your extension for smooth operations.